Bizarre baby creature found in Azerbaijan

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Bizarre baby creature found in Azerbaijan

Located in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, is video footage of a rather unusual creature. Some believe, this nothing more than a small monkey—wearing some sort of costume outfit. Meanwhile, others believe this is a new species found upon Earth. The pint sized creature’s hands, can be seen in some parts of the video.

It’s hands appear to have five fingers with black fingernails on each of them. In the animal kingdom, primates have five fingers on their hands and five toes on their feet. Most if not nearly all, have fingernails instead of claws. Also, there are touch-sensitive pads on each one of their digits.

Bizarre baby creature found in Azerbaijan hands

All of this is by design, as the hands are intended to be used for grasping and forming multiple uses much like different tools. The creature seen, also appears to have an extraordinary amount of fur covering its body.

It almost appears like its been wrapped up, the fur covers the rest of its body like a blanket of some sort. Seen later in the video, the unusual animal creature, wanders around the room walking around on two feet. This would make it a bipedal type of creature. It also appears to be tied to a leash as it continues to wander around the room.

People are wondering, is this some sort of baby Bigfoot? Is it a young Almasty? (A hominid wild man species) These are believed to inhabit parts of the Caucasus the Altai Mountains of southern Mongoliaand and the Pamir Mountains of central Asia.

More than likely, it may be a small monkey pet, that has been covered up. Now, the creature has been classified as a Cryptozoological entity. People study the existence of creatures such as this, where evidence isn’t yet supported about them. This creature is rather intriguing—if it is found out to be something completely different known to mankind.

The origination of this came from a site called Cryptomundo. Igor Burtsev from the International Center of Hominology first presented the video. Igor is from Moscow and considered a “Yeti” expert. Many really want to finally have real evidence of Bigfoot creatures.

Perhaps this could be the first real baby Bigfoot. There is no real indication to what people in the video are saying. Perhaps someone that knows the language can translate as this will help determine more about this. There are already so many amazing creatures, which have been discovered upon the Earth. Maybe this is another one, as time will tell.

(Source: Coast to Coast, Disclose TV and Cryptomundo)

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