Ghost girl captured by trail camera has locals spooked

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Ghost girl in woods of Cambridge New York

What appears to be an apparition of a young girl in the woods, has residents spooked and wondering who this girl is. The single photograph, was apparently taken by a trail camera by the property owners in Cambridge, New York state. When they checked the camera recordings, they came across this ghostly looking little girl.

Seen in the photograph, some of her features seem to be missing—such as her left hand and part of her left leg. Perhaps it is just the quality of the shot from the trail camera, but it does give her a rather eerie appearance.

Ghost girl trail cam

There are different opinions about this photo. Is this nothing more than a girl playing in the woods? Or, is this the lost spirit of a girl who died within the area? Many children go missing each year and maybe this girl is one of them. To date, nobody has identified her yet. Maybe someone will come forward that actually knows who she is.

Cambridge New York

The location of where this photo was captured took place off of Route 74 in Cambridge. Local police chief George Ball, made mention that he has never seen anything like this in his lifetime. He has never heard about a ghost in these parts until now. On the property of where this photo was taken, the new landowners set up their property for hunting season.

Chief George Bell ghost girl Cambridge New York

These folks had no idea, that they were going to captured such a controversial photo. After further investigation by the local police department, Chief Bell made mention that this photograph is indeed authentic after further examination.

They are now searching for who this girl is. The question is, if they can find any information about her and where she came from. Contacting her family and any friends, is first priority if anything happens to turn up about her.

Some local people here, made mention about a legend of a little girl who was about the same age as the girl in the photograph. She apparently was killed on the train tracks, that used to run through here years ago.

Cambridge New York creepy ghost girl caught on trail camera

Perhaps her spirit still lingers here. A lady named Tania Woodward from the Greenwich Paranormal Research Team, said an unusual amount of paranormal activity was happening within the local area lately.

One man has since come forward about this photo, stating that this is his granddaughter. He is a ski-resort owner and his business is located in Greenwich. While what he has said hasn’t been 100% confirmed, the man stated that he and his granddaughter—were out walking around in the woods along a four-wheeler path. The mystery still lingers about her.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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