Indian man continues to hold his arm up after 43 years

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Amar Bharati arm raised

It is unimaginable that anyone could keep their arm raised in the air for 43 years, but this is exactly what a man from India does. His name is Sadhu Amar Bharati and devoted himself to the god Shiva. His devoted worship has garnered him much attention from around the world. Amar was your typical man living a fairly normal life.

He had a home, wife and three loving children. All of this changed for him, when he decided to leave everything behind. Serving the great Hindu god Shiva, Amar started wandering the roads of India dressed in his simple Sadu clothing attire. The only thing he carried with him, is a metal trident known as a Trishula.

Sometime in 1973, Amar woke up to the realization that having any luxuries and pleasures of mortal life, were not what he desired in this lifetime. Essentially throwing everything away in his life, Amar was focused upon a new type of existence.

Amar Bharati

Amar then raised his right arm up and never took it down now for 43 years. The arm itself has become atrophied and Amar is unable to use it anymore. It has become a symbol of his faith to Shiva and his beliefs. Now, he couldn’t use his arm even if he wanted to. Amar’s arm is now a useless bony structure which is decorated with long thick twisted nails which remain uncut.

There are some who believe that Amar felt disillusioned from all of the fighting happening in the world and was/is protesting this. With his antics over the years, Amar has inspired others to do similar things in the name of peace, such as a respected Sadu at the Kumbh Mela, in Haridwar.

Amar Bharati arm raised outdoors

With his inspiration, others have raised their arms up for peace and harmony as well. While these folks haven’t attained the number of years Amar has, there are some that have kept their arms up for 25 years reportedly.

Undergoing something like this, most certainly will cause the body much pain and discomfort. With this sacrifice someone will lose the use of an important limb dealing with both physical and emotional pains. His arm is a statement to humankind and while it is rather bizarre he hopes to have made a difference in the world in some way.

Amar’s story has been floating around the internet for a while and continues to raise arms in disbelief.

(Source: Oddity Central)

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