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This 90’s French Puppet Show, Might Give You Nightmares

This television series is known as “Les Minikeums”. The show series, featured a variety of puppet performers. Now, when people look back at it, the series comes across as being really creepy. Some people have even had nightmares after watching this. It makes one wonder what people were thinking when the made it. Perhaps it

Woman Marries Herself Instead

Sometimes people get rattled over their relationships. What if someone left you before the big day? A 38 year old woman named Laëtitia Nguyen, decided to move on, after her fiancée decided to dump her. Frustrated and furious, she didn’t want to lose out on her big planned day. Nguyen decided to continue on alone,

Chinese tourists capture Princess Diana’s ghostly likeness

This snapshot, seems to resemble Diana, Princess of Wales. Unfortunately, the Princess, lost her life from an untimely encounter, from paparazzi chasing after her on the roadway. The tragic event happened on August 31, 1997 in Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France. She was just 36 years old. A group of Chinese tourists, took a photograph that

Man revived 18 hours later, after his heart stopped beating

Back from a near death experience, a 53 year old French man was revived 18 hours later, after his heart stopped beating. Doctors are baffled over the incident, but believe that his organs were preserved, because his body temperature dropped as a defensive type mechanism. He displayed signs much like someone suffering from hypothermia. Normally,

Emilie Sagée and her ghostly doppelgänger

Everyone has someone out there who resembles them (in a physical sense) but what if their own shadow simply came to life in the form of a ghostly apparition? The strange story of Emilie Sagée, is an interesting one. She was a young woman from Dijon, France, who made her way around to different places