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Phantom past the Window

A lady by the name of Mary Ellen, submitted a photograph to the Angels & Ghosts website. She explained, that she had a roll of Kodak film sitting around in an old drawer for several years. At some point, she finally got around to developing it.

To her shocking surprise, the image of a phantom type ghost, was seen through the window. It appeared to be wrapped up with some kind of cloth material. It almost appears to be a shroud of some sort or a long flowing cloak being worn.

Kitchen Phantom

Details are limited and it is anyone’s best guess as to what this thing might have been. Perhaps, someone previously lived here from long ago and was trying to communicate from beyond the grave.

When asked about whether or not there was a coat rack behind her when the photo was taken, she said no. One can only think this was some kind of reflection, but it seems quite unusual.

The following is what she had to say about this:

“I have had some film sitting in my drawer for a few years and finally got around to getting it developed. This was taken with a 35mm regular film camera, Kodak film – I forget the brand of the camera, but it was something decent.

I was taking a picture of some pots that my kids decorated for my mom’s birthday. There is a window behind the sink, and at first I thought it was a reflection, but I really can’t see how that could be. There was nothing tall like that behind me, and although it does look like a figure, it doesn’t really look like me…or any other human, really. At first I thought it might be that the film was old, but no other pics on the rolls had any similar images.”

The funny thing is that my parents don’t have a coat rack or any place else that you would hang anything behind me. Behind me was just a kitchen counter and the living room area. To the side of me, on both sides, is just kitchen stuff – counters…fridge.

You can kind of see the windows behind me in the reflection. They look like a deck railing, but they are large wood framed windows. Plus, the picture was taken in June, and there wouldn’t even be any coats or scarves around that day! My mom is a neat freak and always clutter-free.”

Kitchem Phantom window

This image still remains a mystery. Where this took place is unknown as well, but it is assumed to be somewhere in North America.

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(Source: Angels & Ghosts)

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