Skeletal ghostly photo taken at ice skating rink

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While out ice skating years ago, a woman took several strange photographs. This happened back during 2015. A user from the site Reddit, named ashleyc93 photographed several mystery dark figures passing by. These figures, were comparable to someone’s shadow yet they were different.

Ghost photo in the snow from Reddit

This is what she said from her post:

“So, my neighbour was taking a couple pictures at his son’s house. They were shovelling off the ice rink. Using his phone, he took two pictures, only seconds apart. The first picture appears completely normal. The second picture shows what looks like two figures skating by.

Behind the first figure, it almost looks like a coffin. The second one looks as though there’s a coffin there as well, and almost a skeleton looking figure inside of it.

Maybe the lighting was doing something weird, I don’t know. I thought that maybe it was taken through a window and some weird glares were happening, but he told me it was taken outside. I’ve never posted on here before but asked permission to share these online. I just can’t get it out of my head. Anyone have some opinions on this?”

First ghost photo Reddit

After examining the photos further, the second one seems to show two dark figures wandering by. According to ashleyc93, these same figures appear to be pulling along a coffin of sorts. Some people believe these photos to be the result of what is known as a rolling shutter effect while using a camera.

Second ghost photo Reddit

Glancing at the photo, it is up for interpretation as to whether or not the photo shows a coffin. It is unknown if a digital or film camera was used for these photos. It is assumed to be taken with a cell phone.

Other factors include low lighting seen in the shot. “Ashley” mentions that nobody else was around during the time these photos were taken. They are highly unusual and most anyone would believe them to be some kind of ghostly spirits captured on camera. These skeletal shapes seen in the snow are indeed rather unique.

Third ghost photo Reddit

Some users commented saying It looks like one guy is holding a hockey stick. The thing is though, Ashley mentioned, that there was nobody around. If this is actually true, then it is something else entirely. Perhaps not a ghost, but possibly something else. The “coffin” seen, may well not be this, but likely could be anything nearby casting a shadow.

(Source: Week in Weird)

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