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The satanic sacrifices and sexual escapades of Pizzagate

While its difficult to imagine great tragedies that happen such as this, there is an underbelly of society that exists and with it – a number of high ranking officials as well. Even a former first lady, who wanted to become the President of the United States, is assumed to be involved with a satanic

Monkey King Geda makes USA political prediction

It seems a monkey has picked the next president of the United States. And the winner is Donald Trump. This particular monkey named Geda has already made a number of predictions, which have come true. Known as China’s “Monkey King” the little fellow has made some bold predictions. Some people will find this amusing while

Cringe worthy Crooked Hillary Clinton

Some are calling this a battle of freedom vs. tyranny. What is happening in the American election for president is disgraceful and pathetic. Out of an estimated 320 million people living in the country—only a few candidates remain. Are either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump the best choices for president? This can be debated. Both

Wikileaks confirms that aliens do exist

More leaks are happening with extended information in regards to proof of extraterrestrial life which has visited Earth. Some believe that the infamous Area 51 was been used as an embassy for aliens to meet discretely with higher up government officials for years. Well, as it turns out, it may actually be for real. One

Who is the real Hillary Clinton?

While she has been in the spotlight, she has drawn much attention to herself at a global level. Some of it has been contrived while other things are much more questionable. Hillary Clinton’s health has been declining lately due to reasons not yet disclosed to the public. There are a number of photos showing her