Who is the real Hillary Clinton?

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While she has been in the spotlight, she has drawn much attention to herself at a global level. Some of it has been contrived while other things are much more questionable. Hillary Clinton’s health has been declining lately due to reasons not yet disclosed to the public. There are a number of photos showing her behavior very erratic for a reason. It seems people are led to believe she is doing well but videos and photos seem to paint a different picture.


There is a conspiracy about this, some have come to the conclusion that she is actually bed ridden being held in a secret underground room at an undisclosed location. It is her body double which has been out on parade to the public. While this seems rather ridiculous, it could be a reality.


With technology and advances in plastic surgery, Hillary’s double is doing double takes for the press waving and acting like everything is just peachy. There is a woman named Teresa Barnwell who is known to resemble Hillary. Whether or not she actually is has people guessing. Did she undergo a procedure by the hands of a skilled surgeon? Her index and ring fingers don’t match up. There are different photos and videos about this and has people talking. Hillary also looks like she has lost a considerable amount of weight.


Others believe she is from out of this world literally. Ideas of her being a lizard are floating around. Some are even calling her the lizard queen. This is the NWO (New World Order) conspiracy floating around about a secret society she is a part of. Perhaps this explains the now infamous coughing moments captured on camera.


Another recent event shows Hillary with her contagious pneumonia talking to a small child for a photo session. May people questioned this action. However, as mentioned previously she may not even be the real Hillary Clinton. Is the Illuminati behind her? One word which could describe this is neocolonialism. This is another theory about how she may even be controlled like a puppet. Also, from another camera perspective the secret service are not seen around her. This is rather strange as a presidential candidate is usually protected.


Something else troubling is her always dressing in women s suits, long clothes and seemingly covering up most of her body. With the weather still being warm, she could in her leisure put on a pair of shorts or even a short dress. What is she hiding? It makes people wonder even more what she might be trying to cover up such a medical device.

Hillary’s behavior at times has been rather odd. Perhaps even dark forces are at work follow this story HERE to read more.



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