Monkey King Geda makes USA political prediction

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It seems a monkey has picked the next president of the United States. And the winner is Donald Trump. This particular monkey named Geda has already made a number of predictions, which have come true. Known as China’s “Monkey King” the little fellow has made some bold predictions. Some people will find this amusing while others complete nonsense. Whatever direction people think this monkey business has gone—only added fuel to an already controversial election process in the USA.

The monkey using its psychic ability already boasted the results of football games. This monkey got its name oddly from “knots” which also means “goose pimples” in Chinese. Being praised as the king of prophets, this monkey made the prediction that Portugal would indeed win the European football championship a week before it happened.

In Portugal, the monkey went on to select the opposing teams national flag and thereby placed its palm upon a banana where the Portuguese flag stood. Both sides had equal amount of bananas ready for the monkeys swift disposal.

This was the predecessor to the election prediction made by Geda the monkey. The crowd then cheered, as the monkey munched on its lunch among st several cardboard cutouts representing both presidential candidates this year. As you might have guessed, Hillary Clinton supports were skeptical at best.


This was a big enough deal that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton paid attention to Geda the monkey and their selection. Geda even decided to kiss Donald on his cardboard cheek and lips with enthusiasm. This simian sank a smile afterward holding a sign for the crowd to see. Geda sported a yellow shirt displaying his royal title on the front of it. There was a moment before the monkey moved before making its decision quickly afterward.

This little primate lives at the Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park in China and is the newest clairvoyant creature to have gained fame. There have been others such as Paul the Octopus who correctly predicted a series of football matches held at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Maybe this monkey has the magic for the making of a new world to come.

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