Ghostly Photo Taken Outside Second Floor Restaurant Window

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Whatever this was, it didn’t appear to be human. A rather interesting photograph was taken outside of a restaurant named Bertha’s Mussels located in Baltimore, Maryland.

This restaurant serves up seafood and also is a tavern. The place has been around since 1972. It is best known for the mussels and live music performances. However, now it is known as being a haunted place more so.

Bertha’s Mussels Baltimore Maryland ghost second floor

It seems a small spirit has been haunting the upper floor area here. It is believed to be a little girl who once maybe lived here. It has been said that she skips around the floor in the hallway, at the restaurant and tavern location here. She was seen wearing a white dress from long ago.

The little girl ghost in question, is said to have been seen by a staff member before while they were getting ketchup from a supply room. However, she may not be the only spirit to haunt this place. Others have mentioned other presences here as well. 

Laura Norris is one of the pub’s owners and said she felt something was there with her. She even speaks to the spirits here, stating that she isn’t there to hurt them. 

The photograph was taken by Joseph Henry who lives in Annapolis. He was on a haunted pub tour with his family while here. According to him, the photograph was snapped between 7 to 9 in the evening. 

If you look closely, you can see a pale blue looking ghostly figure up on the 3rd floor middle window in the photograph. When Henry first noticed the photo, he remarked about the blue light in the window. It resembled a hand and definitely looked quite different. 

“There are definitely things that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up from time to time,” said owner Andy Norris. “I don’t let it freak me out too much, I’m a bit of a skeptic.”

Baltimore Ghost Tours stated that they receive interesting photos from people all the time. However, this one was a bit unique. They believe it to be real and not photo-shopped. If it is real then it was an amazing capture of a spiritual energy. 

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