Unknown Figure Appears Next To Vacationers On Beach

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There were three separate photos that were sent to The Crypto Crew, by someone named Bobbi. From what is understood, these photos were taken back on 8/14/16 at Assateague Island Beach, Maryland.

Bobbi explained their son’s daycare provider took these interesting photos and shared them before passing away. The photos apparently were posted on Facebook. The woman was curious about whatever this thing was, lurking in the water near these people along the beach.

Most curiously, the woman who took the photographs, didn’t see this thing as she snapped the photos upon that day. It wasn’t until she looked back at the photographs, when she discovered some kind of figure in the water.

Bobbi explained that the daycare lady was an honest down to earth person, who would have never edited these photos. She wasn’t seeking attention, just some kind of understanding of what figure could have been.

Thomas Marcum from The Crypto Crew, said he received these photographs about 10 days ago. This is what he said, “I do not know what this figure is but it looks to be very human like.  Could it be a person in some kind of black garb? Why did the people not see it at the time?”

For those who do not know who Thomas is, he is the founder and leader of a cryptozoological and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew.

Thomas has over 20 years experience in dealing with paranormal related investigations and other unexplainable type activity in the world. He also is a wildland firefighter, published photographer and poet to boot.

The questionable figure seen in these photos, could be someone dressed up in costume. However, why didn’t they appear to others at the beach? Is this some kind of alien creature observing people up close?

Perhaps it is a lizard man or other type of entity. Whatever this was, has some kind of cloaking type technology to keep themselves hidden from the human eye. However, the camera managed to capture something and whatever that something is still remains unanswered for.

(Source: The Crypto Crew)

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