Demi Lovato believes in aliens and mermaids

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With her beliefs, she has been ridiculed by some people. For believers, she has been inspirational. Texas born native Demi Lovato is an actress, model and singer. Love her or hate her she has people talking about her paranormal sighting of a worm flying through the sky. She admits it was something otherworldly and is confident she witnessed something rather special in the sky that day.

Demi Lovato is 24 years old and she started out on the television series Barney & Friends. This children s series featured a large purple dinosaur who presented educational messages through song and dance in a friendly way.

Demi Lovato

Demi has suffered previously from depression and an eating disorder even doing herself harm. She later went into rehab at age 18. After bouncing out of depression, she has since gone on to sustain a healthy career appearing on numerous television series and a few films. Her music career is highlighted by hits such as “Let it Go” from the Disney film Frozen (2013) among others like her song “Confident”.

She does think there are other possibilities out there and that we are not alone. She mentioned in an interview with Seth Meyers on Late Night NBC that she also believes in mermaids. She then backed up her conspiracy that mermaids are in actuality aliens after all. Her inspiration for this was from watching a Discovery Channel documentary.

Lovato admits she is fascinated by the unknown and the possibility of anything extraterrestrial hasn’t been ruled out yet. We are not alone, it would be pretty naive to think are the only species to live on Earth or elsewhere.

Demi said: “I know that aliens are real. How self-centered would we be as humans to believe that we are the only living things in the universe?”

“You know Atlantis, how there was that underground city? I believe that there could be possibly be mermaids, which is actually an alien species that lives in parts of the Indian Ocean, which we have never explored before”.

“And Christopher Columbus has actually seen three mermaids on his way to America”.

Seth Meyers also asked her if she thinks real mermaids look like the ones depicted in books, she was quick to respond, saying, “No, I mean they’re aliens!”

While Demi Lovato may come off as kooky, she seems sincere enough in what she witnessed and how she feels about anything otherworldly beyond what we know.

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