Mermaid captured on camera

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This extraordinary footage was taken in Kiryat Yam, this place was/is offering a reward for footage capturing a real mermaid on camera. This leaves the doorway open to numerous scam videos with people trying to cash in. Local officials have offered a reward for undisputed proof as numerous sightings have been reported. The reward is a whopping $1 million dollars. However, this one still has people talking since its initial release.

Mermaids are a part of folklore, these legendary magical beings have the head and upper female body anatomy of a human woman—with the tail of a fish. Movies like Splash (1984) have been made about these majestic creatures.

Mermaid hair and tail

Whether or not this video actually is real, has not yet been proven. Some people and websites have dismissed this as nonsense entirely. However, debunking this video has been rather difficult. The claim of this mermaids tail disappearing before entering the water is amusing. From the viewers vantage point, we see the mermaids tail which could simply be curled up, as the mermaid wanders into the water.

Rumored stories of mermaids appearing during sunset has led people to begin camping cliffs in hopes of capturing something on camera. A person named Shlomo Cohen was one of the first to actually see a mermaid.

They mentioned: “I was with my friends when we suddenly saw what appeared to be a young woman laying on the sand in a weird way. At first I thought she was just another sunbather, but when we approached she jumped into the water and disappeared quickly. All of us were in shock because we saw she had a tail”.

Mermaid zoomed in

Someone noted that the mermaid is just an optical illusion. The movement is wrong as each frame isn’t matching up correctly as it should be. Well this is their opinion, like many there are people who automatically dismiss anything supernatural before getting more defined answers. The frame rate the mermaid moves seems like it could possibly be digitally animated. (The image shows what looks like long black hair, a tail and arms)

The reaction the young man had also has people second guessing this, it seems like he wasn’t being genuine. Perhaps so, but how would you react after seeing something such as this? The sighting took place about 12 kilometers north of Haifa in an area known as Krayot, it is considered a suburb in this area located by the Mediterranean coast.

Early stories about mermaids appeared in ancient Assyria, when the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid in spite of shame. She previously killed her human lover. Mermaids are also associated with events such as shipwrecks, drownings, floods and storms. Their behavior often has been written as benevolent and they bestow their love of humans. Some tales have painted the picture of mermaids being such as sirens luring unsuspecting sailors to their watery grave.

Mermaid statue

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