Reflection of ghost boy captured during girls birthday party

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Ghost boy in mirror reflection at girls birthday party

Sally Watts, from Brynhyfryd, North Wales noticed a disturbing reflective image after a photograph was snapped at her 10-year-old daughter Grace’s birthday party celebration. It still haunts her to date, as this happened three years ago in 2014. She is insistent, that this is legitimate and something paranormal happened on that day.

Ghost photo reflection Sally Watts and children

Her then 40 year old fiancee Greg Sleep, decided to share Sally’s unusual photo years later—after Sally convinced him. Skeptics state that this is merely another clever Photoshop creation. But, Sally thinks this spirit showed itself for some kind of reason or another.

Sally believes that her daughters day sparked some sort of previous moment from the past. Allegedly, this young ghost boy—was there at the home for a number of years “living there” with the family.

Sally Watts and her children ghost reflection

The photograph captures a moment, when this ghostly boy—appeared next to Sally as she was bringing her daughter’s birthday cake. All of her children Charlotte, 18, Eddie, 14, Grace, 13, Ollie, six, and Freya, 18 months during the time were all accounted for. She insists, that this isn’t one of her children seen in the mirror reflection, it is something else entirely.

Sally Watts and her children

This photograph helped to explain all of the paranormal activity the family experienced in their home. From what is known, a medium came to visit the family and the property. They channeled the energy of this young ghostly spirit. After their suspicions, they found out that this home in particular had a haunting history to it. The spirit of this young boy, was there for a reason. He apparently died at the property years ago.

Sally mentioned: “A neighbor overheard a conversation we’d been having and said his mother used to live in our house.

“We found out her brother died there when he was six. He had been playing out and slipped on the wet step and died.

“We found out his name was Anthony. We’d already named him, we used to call him Michael.”

Sally said: “A lot of people were just in awe of it. Some people have said we’ve done it with an app, we’ve had so much stick about it.

“But I really don’t have the time to sit and do things like that, I work and have five kids.

“It’s a genuine photo, if anyone can put an explanation on it I’m fine with that.

“If it’s something then it’s easier to think it’s a child and he has come to visit us.

“I’m not asking people to believe. There’s just no explanation for what we caught on camera.”

Whether or not this ghost still lingers at the property is unknown. Perhaps more investigative work can be done, to find out more about the young boy who died here.

(Source: Coast to Coast and The Sun)

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