UFOs captured on camera flying over Maine

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Buxton Maine UFO sighting

In Buxton, Maine something rather extraordinary has happened this holiday season. It seems a man captured an unusual light show. What he captured may be one of the most defining UFOs ever captured on camera. The area of Buxton, Maine is not very large with a population density of just over 8,000 people. It is also part of the Portland-South and Portland-Biddeford area.

The video was posted a few days ago 12/20/16 on Facebook initially and has since gained more and more attention. One can’t help but speculate what these things might be. Typical doubters will dismiss this, but it displays a sighting of UFOs which cover the rather scenic nighttime sky. The up-loader mentioned this was taken due west from Buxton. The winds were blowing southwest, during this phone video capture.

These strange objects were heading in a group together and seemed to travel towards the east. This video displays something otherworldly or massive technological breakthroughs have happened with the government. There is no mistaking these for being flares or some sort of lantern used to produce these incredible sightings in the sky.

Buxton Maine UFO sighting captured on camera

There is a mention of these being a fleet of some sort. Perhaps they were in formation for practice. It is possible that these were a part of an experimental military operation. However, with so much activity happening lately in various spots around the world (including Antarctica in particular) these may be tied into something going on that the public doesn’t quite know about yet.

The man who captured the video wasn’t inside a car while filming this, he was however in his home and shot this through a screen door. There are several points in the video, where you can see the lights in the background illuminating from the home and the screen can be seen if you look carefully. The narration of the video by Tyler states, that a comparable sighting happened over the Bronx in New York of this year as well.

That sighting had hundreds of comparable UFOs flying through the sky. Perhaps these are part of the same alien species observing our planet. There have been rumors of a secret war going on between aliens helping us and trying to destroy us. It does make you wonder whether or not we might be in times of trouble of triumph soon.

Here on Earth, we have life everywhere including the sky, sea and land. NASA has withheld a lot of information from the public over the years. Eventually things will be discovered, as more technology has been put into the hands of humans. Life in space does exist, the discovery of small glowing orbs that pass through solid objects and communicate with sounds similar to music is a way to communicate and is quite remarkable.

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