Ghostly entity captured on family’s surveillance camera

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Located in Clovis, New Mexico something peculiar happened. A husband and wife were eating their dinner, when they noticed something otherworldly wander by the front of their house. It was dark outside, yet their surveillance camera picked up a humanoid type figure passing by in the night.

KRQE News 13 Brenna Hernandez and family see ghost

KRQE News 13 Brenna Hernandez and family see ghost

Whatever this thing was, it didn’t appear to be a person at first. The speculation is, this is some sort of ghost and for whatever reason, it was out during this time. The woman who lives here, said that her husband first spotted it on the screen. He then immediately rushed over to get a better look at things. Initially, she didn’t believe in things such as this, but now she does after having seen it with her own eyes.

KRQE News 13 interview with Brenna Hernandez

KRQE News 13 interview with Brenna Hernandez

Resident Brenna Hernandez said after she looked at the captured footage, the hair stood up on her body. She couldn’t believe it at first, until playing back the video over and over again. For sure, this is one of the most unusual videos ever recorded. Brenna mentioned that this figure, can be seen clearly enough. It’s movements look like both arms and legs moving as it wanders by.

As far as history goes, this particular property does have something about it. A man mentioned to her that years ago, his uncle bought a home around the corner lot. It was right there, where his uncle had died. The property remained vacated until a development of duplexes were later put in.

Brenna’s husband always wondered whether or not he had been hearing things go bump in the night. Now, they may will have the evidence that they need.

Brenna Hernandez and family ghost

Trapped spirits such as this, quite often remain behind for different reasons. The speculation is, they have unfinished business left to do on Earth. It is without a doubt, the most common paranormal experience most people believe in. There are many different television shows, that follow ghost hunters in different locations. Some of the encounters are downright fake, while others are questionable such as this.

While the word ghost is most often used, there are varying different versions of them. Some of these include phantoms, poltergeists, shades, specters or spectres, spirits, spooks, and wraiths. Each incarnation of these ghostly entities—have different abilities and have been mentioned over time.

From the writings in books and other documents many stories exist about them. Also, word of mouth and storytelling has only further made them a part of culture. Now, through the use of modern day technology ghostly encounters such as this are being recorded. It is only assumed that this video was a ghost, it may well be something else entirely.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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