Arrowhead alien spaceship snapped flying over Kentucky

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Seen on the YouTube channel by MrMBB333, is a photograph that stands out among the rest regarding UFO activity in the skies above. This amazing spaceship of sorts, seems to be scouring the sky for some kind of reason. Is this something secretly created by a rogue government agency or is it really a spaceship from an alien species?

Arrowhead alien spaceship snapped flying over Kentucky

The photo originates from a young woman from Louisville, Kentucky, who was on her way to work. She decided to snap this photograph and captured much more than she ever could have imagined. At first glance, she thought what she was seeing was only the Sun.

Arrowhead alien spaceship flies over Kentucky

However, the photograph shows in the top right corner a clearly seen UFO object. Seen in the photograph, appears to be two long extended rows of lights. The shape of this UFO, resembles that of an underwater squid. It seems to have a head type base, along with the two long rows of lights attached to it.

There is always much more in the skies above, that the naked eye cannot see normally. It makes one wonder, what is happening in our skies. There has been a huge stink about chemtrails being discovered around the world in recent times as well.

Chemtrails are visible trails left behind in the skies from aircraft’s. Believed to consist of either chemical or biological agents, these remnants are left behind in our atmosphere which we breath in.

Some believe this is being done intentionally, to effectively wipe out the human race at some level. This is being done, so that only the powerful elites will be able to live on – staying in safety or using devices to keep themselves alive. A wild theory, but plausible. (This may even be related to a higher power believed to exist like the illuminati)

While anything is possible, the photo may just be a series of LED lights, reflecting from inside her vehicle although this appears highly unlikely. Another comment was made saying, this is just a reflection off a windshield that was behind her when she took the photograph. Perhaps these are nothing more than street lights glaring on the glass from a nearby business or street light.

One reader sent in the following:

“What is commented about on the picture with the “arrowhead” and possible decal on it are amazing, but look to the right of where he is indicating. Do you see a huge shape like a missile or rocket? PLUS another LARGER decal? Now that is one HUGE ship I am thinking.”

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