Paranormal Investigator Dials 911 After Hearing Unexplained Graveyard Voice

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It happened in Springhill Township located in Pennsylvania, which has a population of around 2,800 people. One paranormal investigator decided to call 911 out of fear for life. Frantically, they reached for their phone as they glanced around a cemetery. Some might think they were only seeking attention, but this investigator claims that something non-human was there with them. 

Whoever this investigator was, they wished to remain anonymous. The strange incident took place on early Wednesday morning. This investigator said some kind of disembodied voice could be heard. Likely, it was some kind of spirit or someone playing a prank perhaps. 

911 Call Pennsylvania Cemetery

One state trooper named Johnathon Mosier, was sent to investigate this incident. When the paranormal investigator dialed 911, they further explained that some kind of woman’s voice could be heard screaming in terror. The investigator said, he could hear a female’s voice screaming saying “’Help. Help, I’m buried alive.”

The paranormal investigator explained that the screams were coming from a pile of dirt inside of a shed at the cemetery. One could only imagine that this person might have been buried alive.

It really is unexplainable from a rational sense of mind. This unknown investigator, then decided to buy a shovel to later return to the cemetery. His plan was to dig up around the shed, in hope to learn more about what was going on. 

When the trooper arrived at the scene, they found the paranormal investigator digging around the same dirt spot to “save” the distressed woman. After calling back to check, the trooper didn’t find further information about anyone in trouble at the location, much less a woman who might have been buried alive. 

The paranormal investigator was told to leave the cemetery by the trooper, as they were not authorized to be digging there in the first place. No citations were given and the trooper and the investigator left the scene. The trooper notably mentioned that the investigator was clearly shaken up about the entire situation. 

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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