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Rumors Regarding Roadside Ghosts

There have been a number of tales regarding roadside ghosts. Often, people see them as they are traveling down the road. Most often they have been seen during the night but sometimes these ghastly fiends have appeared during the daylight hours. Some of the sightings in question involve what resembles a woman wearing a white

Unexplained Dead Bride Road Footage Still Stumps Skeptics

There are several things about this video that makes it rather questionable. First of all, the video was originally unlisted. Was this a setup production or did something supernatural really happen here? One can only wonder. The strange thing is Diego Sierra uploaded this on his YouTube channel. The channel now seems to not list

Roadside Ghost Boy Captured By Dashcam

Initially appearing as blob alongside of the road in the distance, those passing by that day couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. After doing a double take, people driving through the Philippines noticed something by the road. One of their names is Myrtle. After talking, they said it was a boy. When they played

Phantom Hoodie Men Terrify Travelers in Ohio

Disturbing sightings about hooded men appearing alongside the roads of Ohio, have made travelers weary. Traveling through some areas at night, can be terrifying being on a lone dark roadway with no one else around. Psychologically, people’s minds begin to play tricks upon them. Perhaps however, they have actually seen something such as a roadside

The ghostly footage of Teresa Fidalgo

The message of this video, is to always pay attention, to what is around you. It would be wise enough, to stay away from picking up strangers alongside the road, especially at night. You just never know, what might happen next. Presented as an indie film, a filmmaker named David Rebordão from Portugal, always felt