The lost girl a roadside ghost

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Along the roadway, sometimes we see things that aren’t really there. Sometimes your eyes get weary and with the lighting…your eyes can play tricks upon you. Whether or not this actually happened to the Tasker family years ago, still remains a bit of a mystery. What they encountered still has them creep ed out even now.

It was a Sunday evening. The Tasker family at the time—had an exchange student living with them named Moni. It had been a long day for all of them. Misty mentioned to her mother she noticed something. As they were driving down the road, she thought she had seen a little girl crouched down and crying along the side of the road.

Lost girl road

This really started to play with Misty’s thoughts, she knew that something wasn’t right. Her mother Stephanie was then convinced to turn the car around to check on the small girl. As they proceeded to drive closer (glancing out the window), they noticed that this was no girl. She appeared to be a teenager sitting with her knees curled up rocking back and forth.

Driving past her again, Misty was insistent upon them stopping again to ask the girl if she needed any help. When the drove back again, the girl was gone. Perhaps the girl wandered off into the woods but Misty had this undeniable feeling something was truly wrong here.

They proceeded to continue driving down the roadway. Misty was at this point freaking out about the situation. Stephanie her mother wanted to keep going. They kept driving for another few miles along Love Oak, Florida. They were driving down State Road 136.

After a few more minutes, they see this girl again in off to the front of their car as the headlights shined upon her. Misty mentioned this isn’t possible as they left the girl several miles back along the road from before. She was convinced it was not humanly possible to move this far without being seen.

Misty’s stomach drops with fear as she urged her mother to keep driving. Her mother Stephanie insisted that they ask the girl if she needed any help. After fearing the absolute worst, Misty herself curled into a fetal position inside the floor of the car.

At this point, she knew that this situation was terribly wrong. Her mother Stephanie leans over towards the passenger side of the car asking the girl if she was okay. The girl then looks up to face them however she is faceless with nothing but a hollow void. There was nothing there, no human details in her face, this wasn’t any girl but something else entirely.

Lost girl face

They all were freaked out and drove away quickly. When they got home Stephanie phoned the police describing in detail what they encountered. This was no girl but something else. The police searched the area yet found nothing. Later Misty learned that a girl from her school had died from a car crash in the same area where they found her originally. The origination of this story comes from an episode from the Syfy channel series Paranormal Witness titled “Lost Girl”. It was classified as a paranormal experience and aired originally on season 1, episode 101.

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