Unidentified Drone Squad Has Been Seen Flying Across Colorado

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Many are perplexed at what these things could be. Perhaps these are nothing more than some kind of drones being controlled by a hobbyist during the evening hours.

Others such as Scott C. Waring, believe these drones are in fact some kind of alien spacecrafts scouring the area, much like some kind of probe. Scott runs a blog dedicated to UFO sightings, he along with many others think something rather strange has been happening lately. 

It may well be a possibility that these drones are some kind of alien fleet, but no evidence has been presented yet. Within Colorado, there have been numerous reports of UFO type objects flying through the sky. Some have even seen glowing round balls of light hovering and/or flying over the top of the mountains during daylight hours as well. 

It is astounding to think how these UFOs or “drones” could change speeds so swiftly making their way from Colorado to Nebraska where they have been seen, in a matter of seconds.

Waring went on to say that he could not find any raw footage of a drone fleet anywhere. These types of moving spacecraft would have to be of alien origin to move in such a way. This kind of alien technology would be capable as it is far beyond what we know of now. 

Unless there has been secret government work done underground or elsewhere, people do not have such powerful flying machines yet. Something else about this report is odd including but not limited to the manner of how it was reported on television. There has been to date no real evidence of such a widespread area of drones anywhere like this. 

This incredible fleet would be quite a sight to see and of course would move unlike anything seen yet. Perhaps someone out there does have a recording and would willingly share it online. According to the sheriff’s report, these drones were spotted flying in a kind of grid type pattern.

They formed a kind of square formation within the sky and scanned the area. According to reports, there were 17 of them that appeared between 7 to 10 PM each and every night consistently. It is odd how nobody managed to record this drone squad yet. 

It makes one wonder what these drones might have been looking for. Perhaps there was something out there rather important on the ground below or they were documenting everything for study. Most people think we are not alone and aliens are actually walking among us and influencing our very world. It is something to ponder over.

(Source: UFO Sightings Daily)

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