Home Security Camera Captures Flying Fairy

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This incident, was documented by MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network). The case number is #90907. This home footage caught..what appears to be an unusually shaped winged creature flying through the air. It happened in the evening somewhere in London, back in 2013. The exact month isn’t known, but this was assumed to be sometime in the spring.

When the family played back their surveillance video, they were shocked to see whatever this thing was. Some are saying, this is some kind of spider or another type of insect. It however doesn’t appear to be one from first glance. When we think of aliens, most of the time grey aliens come to mind. This may well be, some kind of smaller sized alien entity.

Fairy photo London Security Camera

Fairies have been a part of folklore for years. There are many legends and stories about these small-sized creatures. When we think about fairies, they are believed to be small like a butterfly. However, some of them can appear to be upwards of 15 feet in size, according to one book. Most often, they are depicted as being fiendish little creatures, who are quite mischievous by nature.

Fairies are believed to originate from places such as Somerset, Hampshire and Essex. Fairies in some tales, are seen as having erotic tendencies as well. Stories say, that fairies have been known to dance in front of crowds, mesmerizing them.

A book revealed, that fairies are not always small and some can reach upwards of 15 feet in height. Believed to be mischievous, others are more erotic and sexually charged. It was said that fairies have been seen in Somerset, Hampshire and Essex. All of these spots, seem to be favored by fairies. Reports of fairies seen, include them wearing red type dresses, along with them having a glowing flame-like aura.

Fairy photo London Security Camera Night

The video footage shows this fairy glowing. It is difficult to tell whether or not this was a white glowing aura, due to the quality and video being in black in white. One survey received 1,000 responses from people who claimed to have seen fairies. There were around 4% of those people who didn’t believe what they had seen.

Scott C. Waring from the UFO Sightings Daily, said: “Humanity only knows a small percent of the life that exists on our own planet, and this could be a species that has visited often enough that stories of the little flying people have spread far and wide.”

While far fetched, this little glowing creature…has captured people’s imaginations as they run wild. Who knows if this is an actual fairy, but it surely resembles the size of one.

(Source: Disclose TV and UFO Sightings Daily)

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