Shadow People Archive

Shadow Fiend Scares Boy In The Woods

Seen in this unusual clip, appears to be a young boy estimated to be around 7 years old. Momentarily, he seems to stop and peer down the pathway. What he sees at first, fascinates him for a few moments before he then flees in terror. The video seems to have been captured by some kind

Danica Lynn shares her paranormal experiences

Recently, a reader shared their story about their strange experiences. Being candid about it, Danica Lynn decided to take a breath, before giving details about of her paranormal experiences while living in a haunted house. Each year, a number of people experience various encounters with supernatural happenings. It seems lately, there are far more people

Sacrificed by shadow people, three students go missing

A group of students decided to make a documentary about shadow people. Afterward, all three of them simply disappeared. There were no traces of them found, as police search for clues. Shadow people are a controversial topic. Many people have made mention of them over time. Mostly, they have been included in ghost type stories.

Tracie Austin talks with David Weatherly about Shadow People

Her name is Tracie Austin and she brings with her a down to Earth attitude, which is resonating with many people. Her broadcasts are making waves around the paranormal community as well. Tracie discusses different topics, as she interviews people regarding their various paranormal experiences. Tracie Austin is the Executive Producer of her own cable