Strange shadow ghost photo taken in Nevada

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Little girl and shadow ghost behind her

From their archives showing the shadow ghost behind the little girl.

A crazy detailed photograph was taken showing what appears to be a small little girl sitting on the floor. Originally, it was said to be a young boy but the child appears to be wearing the top part of a dress (as seen with straps around her shoulders). Behind her, is a shadow ghost seen. The site GhostStudy, posted a number of variations of the same photograph as well as the original.

It has been said, that shadow people exist within our world. Numerous encounters date back into the early 1990’s. The perception is, that a patch of living shadow appears before people. They are humanoid in both size and shape.

They are mostly interpreted by paranormal enthusiasts and believers as being a spirit or entity of some sort. This shadow ghost seen in the video, are just that. A ghostly looking figure, that appears to be quite dark with its physical manifested form.

Comstock Lodge outside of shadow ghost room

The photograph was taken back in August of 2007, at the Comstock Lodge in Virginia, Nevada. Seen in the image, is a single lamp providing the only source of light, during the moment the photo was taken.

Shadow ghost in Nevada

The man said, that he was alone in the room, as his wife and daughter were both outside in the car—when this photo was actually taken, making it impossible to have captured either of them instead. This is what makes this photograph even more spooky.

This man goes on by stating—that the position of the shadow, is not in what he says a “walk way” but instead towards the edge of the chair. He then said that anyone standing in this position, would simply cause the chair to tip or topple over. Indeed it is strange, the mirror in the room also casts no reflection.

Room during night with shadow ghost

Same photo with light enhancement.

If this photograph shows this scene to be nothing more than a shadow, then the shadow itself would follow the drapes and then been seen within the reflection of the mirror. However, this wasn’t the case at all.

Room during daylight hours.

Room during daylight hours.

What else is strange, is the shadow figure appears to be casting several shadows of it’s own. It was mentioned, that one shadow appears to be going towards the bed. The shadows appear to be consistent with the lamp being the only light source seen in the room.

Shadow ghost of Henry Comstock

One theory about this incident, is this could be the ghost of Henry Comstock of the Comstock Lode. Apparently, over time he went insane and later killed himself. He died inside of a mine shaft and was helping to build the town here.

Did his shadow ghost return to check in on things? It seems he sold off his interest rather cheaply, not knowing the millions he would have made later. Raul Juarezz submitted this story originally to GhostStudy and posted a number of photos about this shadow ghost encounter.

(Source: GhostStudy)

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