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Siberian Man Sues Psychics Over Them Not Getting His Wife Back

One heartbroken husband from Siberia sought revenge against an alleged group of psychics and has won a 400,000 ruble settlement. This is about $6,136 dollars. The man claimed that these psychics failed to reunite him with his estranged wife. Apparently, their magical powers simply did not work. This Russian man has been referred to as

Woolly Mammoths Might Come Back To Life From Science

A team of scientists seek to resurrect one of the most incredible mammals ever to grace the planet…the Woolly Mammoth. They have been questing to find all the necessary DNA to bring forth this great land titan back to life. A Japanese team, first encouraged “biological activity” by taking 28,000 year old cells from a

Russian boys record Bigfoot with baby near Ural Mountains

Back in 2014, three young Russian boys followed what appears to be large footprints in the snow. This location is not far from Kemerovo, near a lake in a remote area. Allegedly, these boys, happen upon a Bigfoot creature. According to Dr. Igor Burtsev, who is a leading Bigfoot and Abominable Snowman expert, said that

The Well to Hell

While the sounds are questionable, the eerie notion of hell deep beneath the Earth has been mentioned throughout history. According to the Bible, the world itself will become a living hell at the end of days. This incident known as “The Well to Hell” happened in Siberia, Russia. A drilling expedition dug deep enough into

Little girl lost in Siberia

Sometimes children can surprise you, they are more resilient than we imagine. This story could have ended badly, instead it was quite amazing…as a 4 year old little girl survived being alone in the Siberian wilderness for 11 days. The area she was lost in is known for being bear-infested. Siberia, also known as north