Alien body found in Russia

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alien body

This video apparently shows a dead alien creature slightly buried in the snow, it was filmed back in 2011 by two students named Kirill Vlasov age 19 and Timur Hilall who was 18 during this time. They claimed this was an alien discovery near Irkutsk which is one of the largest cities in Siberia.

It also is the administrative center for the region stretching 166.8 square miles. This video was dismissed by the Federal Security Service as nothing more than a hoax. The “alien” was made from chicken skins stuffed with bread crumbs. However, some people believe otherwise since this was never proven.

The Federal Security Service is the successor to the Soviet-era KGB, they are a counter-intelligence agency. Russians have known about alien civilizations for several decades.

frozen alien

Many rumors have been floating around for years. The first known extraterrestrial contact was made back in 1942. Documented studies regarding alien existence took place.  Most of the discussion was about life beyond Earth.

This alien puppet or real find seems to be around 2 feet tall, it was well preserved from being buried in the snow. The upload of this video originated from Igor Molovic. From translation he said: “We couldn’t believe it when we saw it. And what was spooky is that there was no sign of the spaceship. Perhaps that was taken away and the body was overlooked”.

One believer mentioned: “It’s so lame how people always get thrilled by having another excuse to shout “Fake! Fake!” every time something weird shows up. Unless proven otherwise, this is in fact plausible”.

The Hopkinsville Case

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