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The Bizarre Encounter Of A Gateacre Robot

It all started back in the year 1982, when a girl known as Rose Robson-Hilbert left her friend’s house on the 5th. It was the month of May and it was beginning to get warmer. She was wandering along Woolton Hill Road, to get back to her home located on Lee Park Avenue. This day

Californian Records Large UFO Hovering Over Menifee

It happened not long ago, but the footage was only recently uploaded. Seen in the night sky appears to be an unusual looking spacecraft. Many believe this is proof of a real extraterrestrial ship of some kind. Others think its a group of drones clustered together or lights being filmed from a reflected window.  It

Mysterious Object Falls From The Sky During Texas Lighting Storm

The event took place during October 16th this year. It happened in San Antonio, Texas. The exact time of night is unknown, but it was dark and a lighting storm was happening. Seen during this video is a purple looking tinted skyline. Bolts of lighting strike down over the San Antonio area.  It is unknown

Dash-cam Records Bizarre Blue/Green Object Falling From Florida Sky

Seen recently by those living in the Gainesville, Florida area were strange objects falling from the sky. One man happened to have his dash-cam recording and captured one falling down. The orb-like object appears to have a bluish glowing hue around it, as it appears to drop fast descending to the ground. People are perplexed

Stragglers Spectate Spaceship In South Carolina

While driving from Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina, a couple noticed something quite unusual. They passed by York, South Carolina at night and noticed what appeared to be three different lights off in the distance. At first, they believed this to be nothing more than street lights blurred in a triangular form. There were no