The Bizarre Encounter Of A Gateacre Robot

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It all started back in the year 1982, when a girl known as Rose Robson-Hilbert left her friend’s house on the 5th. It was the month of May and it was beginning to get warmer. She was wandering along Woolton Hill Road, to get back to her home located on Lee Park Avenue.

This day was no different than any other, until 10:30 PM when Rose walked past Belle Vale Road. It was there when she first noticed a rather unusual woman who resembled a Disney fairy tale character. She was across the road standing not far from a small park area.

When Rose reflected back upon what this woman looked like, she said the woman had gorgeous long golden hair with a charming face. Her features included large eyes, full lips and she was wearing a long sparkly pink looking dress which stretched down towards the ground.

The woman glanced back towards Rose smiling. However, Rose soon became cautious of her after all, she was very different indeed. This didn’t stop her from wandering over towards her to see what the woman wanted.

As Rose crossed the road, she explained how it felt a dream to her. Just as Rose began to cross the road, she noticed her father driving up from the road back from work. He then beeped his horn to get her attention. 

Rose Robson Hilbert Gateacre Robot

Right at this moment, the woman who resembled a charming fairy princess now looked more like a robot of sorts. It was made of metal and had long stretched out arms. She guessed it was about 9 feet tall and appeared rather sinister to her now. A moment later, what resembled a saucer spaceship was not far away from them. She believed this was some kind of paranormal encounter and both the UFO and robot of sorts were possibly attempting to abduct her. 

After Rose quickly walked back home, she explained what had happened to her mother. Certainly anyone would think this is nothing but nonsense. All of this was quite weird and unexplainable by any rational means. Rose was not alone in seeing something quite different. Her father recalled seeing a bright light in the nearby sky as he drove back to the house. 

Other witnesses mentioned seeing a UFO of sorts hovering near the Lee Park Golf Course. This separate sighting occurred during November. A name was given about this encounter known as the “Gateacre Robot”. It had been seen wandering aimlessly around the same area and along Belle Vale Road. Others said it had been seen near Craighurst Primary School around midnight by a passing motorist.

Those who had seen this thing also described it as being around the same size of 9 feet tall and resembled a remote-controlled racing car on caterpillar tracks. To this day, nobody ever understood what happened or why these things appeared in the area. Perhaps it was an extraterrestrial of sorts scouting and/or looking to abduct someone after all. 

(Source: Anomalien)

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