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People Riding Roller Coaster Capture UFO On Camera

This astounding video, seems to show what resembles a UFO on camera. A group of friends and/or family were recording their roller coaster ride while on vacation. They inadvertently captured what appears to be some kind of flying saucer moving across the sky. Tailing not far behind this unknown spacecraft, looks like some kind of

UFO Gets Hauled Down Highway Towards Area 51

The sight of this was outrageous to some folks. It makes one wonder if this was part of a movie set or a decoration of some kind. It surely couldn’t be real could it? Released back in 2016, this intriguing video, seems to show what resembles an alien UFO spacecraft…being driven down the highway on

UFO Sightings Are On The Decline

Strangely, UFO sightings have recently been on the decline lately. The non-profit government agency known as MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) reports on average 7,000 reports per month. This number has decreased lately according to them. The reasons for this, are still unclear. Speculations are, less people are looking up. They are spending way too much

UFOs spotted during live Oregon news broadcast

While viewers from Oregon were watching one of their favorite news programs, they noticed something rather unusual behind the news desk, where the broadcasters were seated. It seems that some UFO activity, was happening right behind them live, during a broadcast with morning news anchor Ken Boddie. It happened between a weather and traffic report