Unidentified Humanoid Mummy Found In Mexico

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While there isn’t much information about this particular figure, it is believed to come from the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, according to a local newspaper. This humanoid looking carcass, almost looks part animal. As of yet, nobody has been able to establish what exactly this thing might be.

The corpse appears as if it has been drying in the weather for quite some time. The mummified remains, are estimated to come from a dried-up section of a lake located in northern Chihuahua.

This distinctive yet unusual looking mummy, began to appear on Facebook by users back sometime in 2016. One person among many posted what is it? Several fisherman apparently reported the find. One of them was Gonzalo Gardea and they witnessed later the mummified remains being washed away into La Boquilla lake, located in the Valle de Zaragoza municipality.

This is the only known photograph found of this mystery looking humanoid corpse. Speculations are, this is part of some kind of art project or an artist left it out there, to seek some kind of attention. If this is something else, what could it be?

There have been other finds in the Chihuahuan Desert. Some of these include a scarlet macaw, this tropical bird is not native to the Chihuahuan Desert region. Other finds include a squash, textiles, worked deerskin, a coiled basket and an ear of corn.

Perhaps the mysterious mummified corpse, is connected to these other finds but this is mere speculation at this point. There could be a connection between ‘The Lemon Grove Mummies’ which were found later inside someone’s California Garage. Originally, these mummies were discovered in a cave located in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Dating finds such as these can often prove to be difficult. Carbon dating, among other methods are often used to help determine the age of remains and other artifacts found from the past.

Most of the time, archaeological discoveries are the result of a lot of planned research. Whoever took the photograph of this unknown mummy had no idea what they may have captured. Perhaps this mummy will turn up again and more information about it will be discovered.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog, Western Digs and Ancient Origins)

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