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Two Brothers See ‘Witch’ And A Portal Into Another World

While they were younger, two brothers experienced something rather extraordinary like something from out of a fairy tale. At the time, the older brother said he was 10 and his brother was 8 years old. They were both sleeping on their living room couch. The home was open concept, so everything was out in the

What About The Witches Daughter?

This allegedly happened years ago, when a young man was on school retreat in the UK. He wanted to remain anonymous but had to explain what happened to him. It was late one evening and several of the girls at the hotel he was staying at, all wanted to go out for some late night

Witch Coven Seeks Human Sacrifice For Blood Ritual

While there are good witches in the world, there are bad ones. Someone posted their concerns online, after learning that their friend would likely be used as a sacrifice of sorts. Reaching out for answers, they received suggestions such as getting them some kind of psychiatric help. Allegedly, this friend is far too deep into