Woman Arrested After Murdering Her Ex-Husband, She Found Help From A Witch

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There are good and bad witches believed to be around in this world. Some people just dabble in witchcraft ignorantly not knowing what they are getting into. Apparently, one woman from Las Heras, Argentina was arrested recently after conspiring with an alleged witch. 

The man who was killed worked as a Gynecologist and his name is Leon Barela. He was 64 years old. Leon was found shot four times in both the head and neck, inside his home back on April 15th, 2019. Neighbors did report a disturbance of some kind and witnessed a man leaving Leon’s home after shots were fired.

Wiretaps were later setup along with other surveillance type equipment. An investigation took place and authorities would later raid the home of Leon’s widow Elizabeth Ventura.

Her friend Monica Castro was also brought in for questioning. Monica is believed to be a practicing witch. Upon the raid, authorities found in both homes spell-casting charms, and other magical notes intended to stop the investigation and arrest of Leon’s former wife Elizabeth.

Monica has previously been involved with parapsychology, as well as other esoteric and occult type interests. Police also found jars with blood, vinegar and coarse salt bags stored inside a freezer.

Inside of these items were macabre messages along with both the names and images of police officials. The chief investigator’s likeness was even used during these ritualistic practices. The hope was for this female investigator to find herself harmed by this dark magic such as a bad accident.

It is believed that black magic was used, along with the aid of a hit-man to kill Leon. This crime took an unexpected turn, as officials continue to piece together what happened. 

Ventura was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder and Castro as an accomplice. Both women await possible trial as police investigate a motive for the killing. The entire story is a strange one indeed.

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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