Teen Sahar Tabar undergoes 50 surgeries to resemble actress Angelina Jolie

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Everyone has heard the expression, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…perhaps this is an extreme example of this. A young woman age 19, has decided to completely transform herself into that of her idol American actress/activist Angelina Jolie. Since this happened, Sahar Tabar has become quite the attraction, where she lives in Tehran which is the capital of Iran. (This area has a population of around 8.154 million people)

Image: Angelina Jolie and Sahar Tabar

Image: Angelina Jolie and Sahar Tabar

Many believe this isn’t real, but none the less…it has made Sahar Tabar an instant viral sensation. Comments have come pouring in, saying this is an elaborate hoax and it is nothing more than prosthetic makeup put on her face, to gain more attention. Well, if this is true, then it does seem to be working.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, about her doing this with makeup only. Sahar was quite determined to resemble her hero, as she has already lost a reported 90 pounds. She is now considered to be at a dangerous health level, losing this much weight. She is classified as being at a dangerous underweight condition.

Previously, she had 365K Instagram followers, now she has 586k followers on her account, sahartabar_official. Most if not all of her photographs, are her attempt to imitate actress Angelina Jolie. Many poses include her showcasing her prominent cheekbones and large pouty type lips.

Image: Sahar Tabar before and after surgery

Image: Sahar Tabar before and after surgery

A comment was made by someone, simply posting that she looks like a zombie of some kind. Her doctor is horrible, one person said. She is nothing more than what a 8 month corpse might look like.

It seems that Sahar doesn’t actually have a Twitter account, however her before photos have been circulating there. Many are questioning her decision as to why she did this. She was an attractive woman before,but now she resembles that of the corpse bride.

Image: Sahar Tabar before and after surgery

Image: Sahar Tabar before and after surgery

Perceptions such as these are a serious condition, as people’s idea about themselves continues to change. These type of perceptions are classified as as Body Dysmorphic Disorder or (BDD).

This condition involves just how someone sees oneself, whether it be their body size and shape or a number of different other things. Ultimately, these people are seeking to change themselves on the outside to mask what was/is hurting on in the inside. Obviously, this teen had botched plastic surgeries done. One can only wonder what Angelina Jolie thinks about this. Maybe she might help her out.

Sahar Tabar and her cat

Someone else made a comment mentioning this:

“I know I’m not the best example for self love but please try to love yourself and stop comparing yourself to celebrities. I don’t get it why people try to look exactly like someone else. Copying her character would’ve been better.”

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