Russian cosmonaut finds alien life from International Space Station

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Recently, the existence of alien life has been proven. However, the alien life isn’t any type of humanoid or advanced type form, but that of the biological variety. Russian astronauts took samples, while out on a mission in space.

To their surprise, a cosmonaut based onboard the International Space Station, discovered an unidentified bacteria which was covering the hull surface of the vessel. It was decided based upon samples taken, that this bacteria was not harmful to humans.

Let’s hope that this is true and not being covered up. Introducing something like this into our world, could result in great changes – if it ever spread outside of a controlled laboratory environment. Anton Shkaplerov, will be making his third space trip in December and said that this bacteria is unlike anything he has seen before, it is indeed alien in nature.

Image: Anton Shkaplerov

Image: Anton Shkaplerov

This is big news, because it now proves that alien life does actually exist! These microorganisms, are believed to have been flown in from an extraterrestrial source.

There have been a variety of Microorganisms from Earth, that have been found on the space station’s metal skin before, but nothing quite like this.Usually, these microorganisms are from Earth’s ionosphere lift phenomenon. This is where different substances from Earth will rise into the atmosphere.

Shkaplerov said: “Bacteria that had not been there during the launch of the ISS module were found on the swabs.

“So they have flew from somewhere in space and settled on the outside hull.”

He added that the samples are being probed by scientists and seem to be safe so far. Quite remarkably the bacteria found on the International Space Station can actually survive vacuum and temperatures ranging from -150C to 150C.

International Space Station

It is also incredible that bacteria such as this can continuously shape shift, as part of its defense mechanism. This presents a problem for astronauts, while they are on space missions. Treating some sort of infection could prove to be deadly if not contained.

Anyone who has seen a variety of science fiction films and television shows – can theoretically see just how dangerous something so small can actually be. The bacteria whatever and wherever it came from could pose a threat to humanity now or in the future.

alien bacteria

We can only hope that these aliens are friendly ones and here to help or understand us. Bacteria is quite clever, as it can mutate to keep itself alive. While approaching things such as this, we can’t think how things are here on Earth, this could be something entirely different.

A Dr Luis Zea, is the study’s lead author and they said: “We knew bacteria behaved differently in space and that it takes higher concentrations of antibiotics to kill them.”

On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps this newfound bacteria could provide information to cure certain diseases or help in another way.

(Source: The Sun)

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