Strange sonic booms being heard around the world

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Over the last few days, a large number of sonic booms have been heard around the world. Many are wondering just what they might well be. It is easy to speculate anything right now, as no clear details have been given yet. However, it could be a warning sign of some sort. Or, perhaps a false flag of sorts – to distract from other things happening currently in the news, related to politics and whatever else.

One of the very first news networks to break the story, is a CBS news affiliate channel 4 located in Denver, Colorado. They mentioned that hundreds of people located in Lakewood and Brighton areas, heard something loud much like thunder coming from a big storm only louder.

Twitter Dillon Thomas reporting

Others living in Lochbuie and Elizabeth areas, said that this was no plane, but something else. People immediately took to social media, to report these strange occurrences. These sounds are so loud in fact, that many have been left scratching their heads, as to what it might be.The sounds rattled windows and walls shook in different neighborhoods. One viewer even had their porch chair flip over, from the rumble that was heard.

NASA sound graph sonic boom

A sound graph from the USGS Lakeview Retreat near Centreville, Ala., shows a loud boom heard over Alabama at about 1:39 p.m. CST on Nov. 14. The cause of the boom, is still unknown. (credit: NASA)

The following areas, reported these strange sounds being heard:

Southern New Jersey – Oct. 25
Central Alabama – Nov. 14
Lewiston, Idaho – Nov. 15
Suburbs of Detroit – Nov. 18

More locations include Russia, Denmark, Australia and the United Kingdom among other places. Whatever this is, has some people wondering, whether or not this is some sort of extraterrestrial related event happening. One speculation is, meteors could be burning up as they enter the atmosphere. From this, perhaps this is creating these loud shock waves.

Meteor showers do occur when the Earth passes through debris in space. Mostly, this consists of small rocks and/or ice particles left from passing comets. These pieces are so tiny however they would be the size of a pea and later burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere between 50-75 miles above the surface.

Sonic boom fairy

The CBS news affiliate contacted both Buckley Air Force Base and the USGS in Golden. They confirmed this was no earthquake. However, a seismograph at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, did record about 10 minutes of ‘noise’ around the time of the booms happened. Speculation is, everything from demons, to aliens to secret operations happening much like other noises heard not long ago.

David Seaman, commented about this, in one of his latest videos on YouTube, watch what he had to say.

(Source: CBS Denver)

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