The Jamison family

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The Jamison family

This perplexing case is still shrouded by mystery. The Jamison family simply vanished without a trace initially back in October of 2009. Many clues point to foul play and some sort of abduction initiated. The remains of both Bobby age 44 and Sherilyn 40 have been found.

Their 6 year old daughter Madyson so far hasn’t been found yet. It is believed she was possibly abducted by someone or something. At least this is the first theory, but there are others including that Sherilyn herself was responsible as she supposedly practiced witchcraft. With their marriage on the rocks, it could be one scenario, yet more recent letters steer the story differently.

Madyson with dog

Documents and friends indicate that the family was eager to purchase property near Red Oak, Oklahoma. This lot of land was a 40 acre plot. Their locked pickup truck was found days after their disappearance. Inside the vehicle were both of their phones, GPS, car keys, $32,000 dollars and Maisy their dog which was close to death from starvation. Also, a rather cruel letter was found from Sherilyn to Bobby.


Volunteers numbering in the hundreds—including some on horseback scoured the area alongside the authorities. After this search happened, nothing was found until local hunters in the area happened to find the remains of both Bobby and Sherilyn. The location was around 3 miles from where their truck was found. On Bobby’s phone a photo of their daughter Madyson shows her with a fearful face standing with her arms crossed.

Jamison family home

On a security video installed at their home—shows the family making multiple runs back and forth to their vehicle. They seem almost in a catatonic state of mind—almost as if they were in a trance of some sort. It is purposed that the couple were both addicted to crystal meth (Methamphetamine) drug.

Friends, family and neighbors mentioned that they seemed to be rather paranoid several months before they vanished. They mentioned that they experienced ghostly visions in their home. Police thoroughly checked the residence and found no trace of any illegal substances.

Financially, they were struggling with things as well. This also makes the discovery of the $32,000 dollars rather odd. Apparently, Sherilyn carried a handgun and it was also missing from the truck. Sherilyn and Bobby both suffered from extreme depression in different periods throughout their lives.

It could be possible that Sherilyn walked her family out into the wilderness and then point blank killed them. The remains of both of their bodies were so badly deteriorated that the cause of death is still yet to be officially determined. However, Bobby’s skull appeared to have a hole in it.

Some strange conclusions mention that drug activity does happen in the area along with flash floods making the area dangerous. The Jamisons were in a hurry, so what was the reason for this?

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