Man bursts into flames at gas station

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Greek Man burned

When we get gas from a gas station, we don’t think about the danger of it. Sometimes freaky things can actually happen. This time around a 45 year old Greek man named Igor Pataco from Rochester, New York was in his car around 12:20 am when suddenly he burst into flames—at the Sunoco petrol gas station today 6/16/16. The cause of this is believed to be from static electricity. He had enough static from his body to ignite a small container of fuel located inside of his car.

Unfortunately, he has since suffered burns which covered about 30% of his body. The front part of the gas station was damaged also. People each day take things for granted. You never know what might happen to you next. The suspected spark from Igor’s body may have simply been from him rubbing his hair or clothing or moving against the car seats.

Greek Man car

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The employees at the station were all in shock and couldn’t believe what had happened. The entire incident was recorded on surveillance video.

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