Grandma cursed our family

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Grandparents certainly can bring a wealth of wisdom to the table from all of their life stories. However, sometimes they can bring something else entirely. This time around, a grandmother went to Peru and what she found there would bring her family terrible luck in their lifetime.

As it turns out, she stole a skeletal hand from a sacred burial ground presenting it from her purse. Whoever this hand belonged to—didn’t like the thought of their hand moving away from the rest of their body in the afterlife. Perhaps this restless spirit decided to get some sort of revenge.

This strange phenomena isn’t anything new as many tales have been mentioned about curses from stealing from the dead. Many grave robbers go about burial grounds seeking to uncover something of value. Why this grandmother got a handle on this situation is beyond rational thought. It seems some people are naturally drawn to spirits and vice versa. This grandson mentioned that his grandmother found this from after visiting Peru’s Chauchilla Cemetery, near Nazca.


The grandson mentioned his aunt was entirely upset after learning about the incident. Afterward things started to happen quite randomly. Firstly, the grandmother’s nails began to turn a strange yellowish-brown color. She went to a dermatologist and the results were final she had no luck in curing the ailment

It seemed that no modern cure was available yet. She was of course devastated about this. Later, more paranormal activity seemed to follow with something making noises and strange things happening at their house. Moments of this included the air smelling rather rank, their animals began to freak out acting rather strangely as well. The grandson believes that some sort of spirit followed the family for some 30 years until his grandmother passed away. The family is of Irish and Italian ancestry and are devote Catholics.

The grandson further mentioned that lights, sink faucets and the gas stove burners would simply turn on by themselves. Sometimes the shower would turn on also. Even the toilet would flush randomly without anyone around. It truly made for a peculiar childhood growing up.

He also admitted to seeing shadow people in their room over time. One night, he recalled being alone at the house while everyone else was at church. He was overwhelmed with dread as he felt a shortness of breath. At the time, he was playing with the record player listening to music. It was unlike anything else he had felt before.

The family had 3 dogs including a St. Bernard and a Shepherd. All of them didn’t make a sound while this was happening he recalls. Perhaps they were terrified of what was in the room with him at the moment. Another instance happened only different this time. The hallway was pitch black and the night was dark.

Usually there is a glow from the streetlights which peers through the window. Things continued to keep getting darker where he was. During this time, he was still a boy, but remembers all of the lights being on. He ran to the garage opening the garage door enough to crawl out of and rolled onto the driveway. It seems something was indeed inside the house on this day. He explained everything to his family when they returned. Whatever grandma unleashed was certainly angry with her and everyone close to her.

(Source: Week In Weird)

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