Car accident spirit caught on camera

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It seems Danielle Niblett of Pasadena, Maryland has captured what appears to be a spirit on her photo taken after a tragic accident which happened. Unfortunately accidents do happen quite frequently from people not paying attention, text messaging or on their cell phones yapping about something.
The details of the accident are still unknown and how it happened, but something compelled Danielle to photograph this scene. She was amazed at what the picture showed. Perhaps it is a dirt spot on the camera, or it could be something supernatural.


“I took this photo while passing a crash site on my way home from college. I didn’t notice the ghostly image until a friend of mine told me that they could see the wrecked SUV behind the firefighters.

I zoomed into the right side of the photo for a closer look and I was a little freaked at what I saw. I showed it to my family and my grandmother then mentioned that I should share it with those that would appreciate it most.
What we see in the picture is what we believe to be a spirit leaving the accident scene. If that is the case, I think your viewers would appreciate seeing it too.”

“It looks like a spirit exiting the accident scene to us too or possibly a guardian angel on the scene. We also see what appears to be a protective glow surrounding what seems to be a spirit body within and lastly, the spirit seems to be trailing away as if moving up and away from the location,” Eaton said in response to the photo.


This happened in Pasadena, Maryland an area which has a population of around 25,000 people. The image captured in the photograph could be the spirit of the accident victim ascending to heaven in the afterlife. Some think its just a glitch caught on camera. Whatever it is, the image is interesting none the less.

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