Florida men hump trees

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Man humps tree

Perhaps the term tree hugger applies to these strange encounters. First off all, a man driving by stopped to record on his phone a man humping a palm tree in broad daylight. What compelled him to do this out in the open is questionable. There are many jokes which apply to this—but from a psychological perspective, he is disturbed emotionally on some level. This mans identity is still unknown.

This happened in Tampa, Florida when the bearded man pressed himself against a tree in a sexual thrusting motion. Like anywhere else, there are moments that happened making you wonder what people were thinking (if at all).

Kenneth Crowder mug shot

What was further discovered, was another man 41 years old from Florida named Kenneth Crowder—was on a drug known as Flakka. This drug also goes by the name of gravel as a street sold drug. The origination of the name, comes from it being compared to aquarium gravel seen in fish tanks.

This synthetic drug is stirring a crazy among many drug addicts. They simply get addicted rather quickly to it as a flavor of the month type drug. The drug costs a mere $5 dollars so its easier to get a hold of.

Flakka drug

Kenneth Crowder proclaimed he was the mythological demigod character Thor. He then proceeded to dry hump a tree. Maybe this man simply is making a statement for his admiration of nature. Whatever the case may be, he should seek the counseling of a professional. Police came to the scene and detained the man later.

From the large amount of drugs in Kenneth’s body, he experienced what is known as “excited delirium”. Afterward, he became rather violent in his behavior. This drug can induce someones body temperature to upwards of 105 degrees or more.

Kenneth Crowder

Soon after paranoia settles in, the person is enraged with an inner fire making them think they can do anything. Flakka is spreading pretty rapidly according to police in Florida. It is now the replacement for people using the MDVP in bath salts. There have been many incidents around different places throughout the state. Other places starting to see its use are Alabama, Mississippi and in New Jersey.

Some disturbing facts known so far about this drug is that—the person can suffer long-term neurological damage which can be permanent. The drug rests on top of someones neurons in their body. It also can destroy them.

Flakka much like a bath salt will linger in the brain longer than cocaine for example. The drug can also break down muscles and do damage to someones kidneys as well. A person using this may well stay on dialysis for the rest of their life.

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