Astrobiologists Aren’t Expecting To Find Gray Aliens Anytime Soon

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When we think about aliens, the first thing that comes to mind are small sized creatures with big dark eyes. These are considered “Gray” or sometimes referred to as “Grey” aliens. It has been suggested that these alien entities are merely minions of another alien species. They do their bidding and observe human life, sometimes interacting with us against are free will.

Gray Alien Backpack

The gray aliens overall are the most enduring symbols of extraterrestrial life known to mankind. That being said, some even think any of these types of aliens are demons instead. All of this is mere speculation at this point in time. Even further back in time, many people thought that on Mars there were little green men who wandered and lived there. Perhaps even, this is reality.

There have been different close encounters of extraterrestrial life, amidst different places in the world. Some of these alleged sightings, can sometimes seem quite ridiculous. A number of skeptics, compare gray aliens to different science fiction stories that date back to the 19th century. One Swedish novel dating back to 1933, describes a race of extraterrestrials which eerily resemble the ever-so-popular gray aliens.

Meanwhile, a number of other people believe we shouldn’t be comparing any kind of alien to the human life we live. It is a sign of arrogance by humanity itself. Quite surely, there are different worlds and beings living among these places. The evolution of how these aliens came to be, might not work the same way as it does on Earth.

Is it that far-fetched to think we will never find a gray alien being? Some scientists have taken steps to distance themselves away from this topic. The size and look of another living entity, might be entirely different, than what has been interpreted so far with different artists interpretations. Most likely, these living aliens wouldn’t necessarily resemble anything here on Earth.

From what people know, we are the most intelligent form of life on the planet. These gray type aliens may or may not be the most advanced species from their world. Quite possibly, these gray aliens have been living among us throughout the ages and are native to Earth.

There does seem to be a clash between legitimate astrobiological research and what detractors deem to be UFOlogy. Maybe there are moments that are considered sleep paralysis, where gray aliens are collecting more data about us when we sleep. After all, we are unconscious and do dream about random things, planted in the subconscious part of our mind.

While ufologists try to make sense of things from focusing on gray aliens and UFO’s, astrobiologists often take a different route altogether. They study everything from the origin of evolution to the distribution of life itself in the future. Surely, there has to be life in the universe other than us.

Astrobiologists are interested in discovering things that can actually be studied under a microscope. Maybe somewhere out there, samples have already been taken and science has found something entirely new. Quite possibly, there may even be a cure or something to help humankind.

It seems in these modern times, we can use all the help we can get. Astrobiologists aren’t expecting to find gray aliens anytime soon, yet they will have to keep an open mind about finding them.

(Source: Wired Cosmos)

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