Encounters with the black eyed children

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Black eyed child

Known for their disturbing persona, they have been best described as something otherworldly in appearance. Specifically, their eyes, clothes and skin seem awkward when someone encounters them. They are the black eyed children, these unusually behaved children have caused people to even get cancer. Most of the encounters with them, have affected peoples lives forever. More often than not, in a negative way.

These children seem to be dressed from another period in time. They don’t act natural as a human children do and seemingly appear sometimes as if out of nowhere. The black eyed children are unnatural with not only their appearance, but how they single out specific individuals.

These diabolical misfits, sometimes have been known to travel together aside from being alone. There has to be a reason why they single out, certain people from the rest of the crowd.

Most of the encounters with them, have happened in the late night hours. This has led to some believing, they are in actuality…some sort of extraterrestrials—who take the form of human children for whatever reasons. A series brings forth some information about these bizarre children, hosted by Tracie Austin.

She had several guests on the show including David Weatherly and Nick Redfern. They share their insight about the black eyed children including one really outrageous story about them, which involved a government employee.

Tracie Austin Show Black Eyed Children

(The Tracie Austin Show is a TV and Radio Podcast focusing on all things strange, paranormal and supernatural) She also has a Facebook page and has written a book titled: Alien Encounters in the Western United States.

Other speculations about the black eyed children, is that they are demons taking form as children. This is also a well-believed theory about them. The stories about these children mention—that they are insistent, trying to come inside someones home. Knocks at the door, have been heard late at night often being quite loud.

When someone answers the door, they simply say they want to come inside. It has been documented that these black eyed children want something. The people who have actually let them inside, have witnessed interactions with their pets or a specific person inside the house suddenly behavior strangely. Perhaps some sort of telekinetic transference happens between them and the person they are focused upon.

Black eyed girl

Whatever these black eyed children really are, they are not something to laugh at. Many encounters have mentioned about them since the late 1990’s including them hitchhiking, panhandling or appearance at the doorstep of someones home. They have also become a part of pop culture as urban legends as well. Perhaps more will be learned about them soon.

Paranormal investigator lures and records black eyed child to his home
Beware of the Black-Eyed children

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