Brazilian alien enthusiast now missing believed to be abducted

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Bruno Borges with ET

Recently, a 24 year old Brazilian man disappeared without a trace—while working on a secretive project from his home. His name is Bruno Borges and is an alien enthusiast from Rio Branco—which is located in the western part of Brazil. What was discovered in his room, was quite astounding. A rather bizarre video of his bedroom was leaked online as well.

Bruno is a student and what was found inside his room among other things, was a statue of philosopher Giordano Bruno. (philosopher Giordano Bruno predicted alien life and was a 16th-century alien hunter) The statue is currently valued at around $2,130 dollars.

Giordano Bruno statue Bruno Borges missing

His room appears to have been transformed into some sort of shrine after all the furniture was removed. Everything in it, seems to point towards extraterrestrial life and paranormal theories. This shrine room, features a portrait of himself alongside an alien being.

bruno borges dissapearance painting

Also seen, are various different codes and symbols—all of which are associated with Satanism and the Illuminati which are spread all across the floor. The writings found in the room, were passages from the Bible. Different phrases were found from the likes of Leonardo da Vinci as well. There were fourteen different handwritten books all of which were encrypted. Some believe that Bruno was trying to complete Giordano Bruno’s work.

When his family and friends were questioned, they mentioned that Bruno asked them to help fund his secretive project. All that was mentioned by him, was that this project was a series of books (each with a Roman numeral on them) which would “change humanity in a good way”.

bruno borges dissapearance

Bruno’s father, Athos Borges last met with his son on March 27th. Bruno had no money left, after having lunch that day according to his father. His mother Denise Borges mentioned that the family had lunch together and that everything seemed fine. His sister, Gabriella, said he would lock himself in the den for hours on end.

Denise Borges said: “We’ve tried to call him on his cell phone, but it’s off. He’s never gone before. He did not take anything and the last time we saw him he was leaving home. He was clever. In school he was always different—a born leader with high powers of persuasion. He is such a kind-heart ed boy.”

It seems he got far to close to something or someone, as detectives try to piece together the clues of his disappearance from the Criminal Investigation Department (DIC) who are still investigating Borges’ disappearance.

From what is known, Bruno has been missing since March 27th of 2017. He was currently studying psychology. Many questions remain, did he have a mental breakdown? Or, did he get far too close to the truth of something?

(Source: Mirror UK)

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