The Mandela Effect

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What we remember is crucial to our decision making in life. Our past memories can take over our thoughts. How can someone judge others so quickly without reflecting back at ones self? People can change and this happens to all of us as we get older. Our perspective on things becomes completely different. Most self reflection is quite normal realizing mistakes made and that new horizons are not far away from us. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

People are beginning to recall strange patterns in their memories. What they truly remember really boggles their mind. Things people remember are memories of movies or names of things which have been changed or altered in some way. This includes physical things which changed shape size or color.

This has people perplexed in their thoughts. What in the world is going on? Is there some kind of time loop happening? For example, someone will remember a phrase from a movie then others will remember it completely different. It is as if the entire thing was covered up to be something else entirely. Like a time rift, it wasn’t exactly pieced back together quite right.

These odd memories are known as the Mandela Effect. Some believe it is quite simply really. Several different factors such as misinformation, confirmation bias and/or misconception. Any of these could match up with general common explanations—as people simply dismiss them as such nonsense.

However, there are many of us who do remember things differently. How can this be explained? It would be one thing, if only a few people remembered things different—but there are thousands upon thousands who recall something being said or done entirely different. Many people have seen movies like The Matrix (1999) basically a virtual world people lived in. They initially had no idea they were being force fed their surroundings. It was a concept many people thought was rather interesting.

There are people who think we either are sliding into an alternate reality or we’re inside a holodeck (a holodeck is a fictional virtual reality featured in the Star Trek universe series) The Mandela Effect is a conspiracy theory more or less contrived originally by Fiona Broome, she is a writer and paranormal investigator. She came up with the name after discussing whether or not Nelson Mandela did in fact die in prison. (Nelson Mandela was a South African revolutionary, politician and philanthropist).

Nelson Mandela

The Mandela Effect in summary is people remembering things differently than others. It could be a word spelled differently, a sentence or a title being completely different. Other things such as quotes which were completely wrong. People however thought that this version was the correct version. Here are some examples of the strange Mandela Effect. For more examples and conspiracies see this site HERE.

Berenstein bears

Remember the Berenstein Bears when you were a kid? Yeah, me too. However, they are the Berenstain Bears. The spelling is slightly different or is it? Strange indeed.

The (1937) Walt Disney film Snow White has a famous saying which started as: “Mirror, Mirror…” Yet many remember it this way. The correct version is “Magic Mirror on the wall…” But this simply isn’t true. There is something very odd about all of this.

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