Ghostly girl seen in photo has people freaking out

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Ghostly little girl photo Europe

A viewer sent in a photograph, of what appears to be young ghostly girl in a photograph. Looking carefully, she can be seen standing behind a group of girls celebrating Halloween somewhere in Europe.

Wherever this location is, they normally don’t celebrate such a holiday. Only this time, they decided to put on some Halloween masks for the festivity. Sometimes, remnants of deceased people are left behind, much like that of a photograph itself.

More than likely, she died tragically, as her disturbed soul lingers among the masses. These ghostly spirits are frozen in time and space as their image can sometimes be seen—if only for a brief moment.

This young ghostly girl, appears to be fixated on the camera. She eerily seems to peer into your soul as you stare at the photograph for a while. It is certainly creepy, yet fascinating at the same time. Ruben from Weirdest News (a YouTube channel) mentioned that a viewer sent this to him.

The details are quite sketchy about this photograph. However, what is known so far…is the viewer who sent this—said their mothers cousin lives in Europe. It is difficult to make out all of the details but if you look quite carefully, the silhouette of the young ghostly girl can be seen.

Ghostly girl closeup

She appears to be wearing a dress and there is enough of her face seen to make out some details. The two girls are seen and a kid with them playing when it first got dark outside. This is the time when the photo was taken.

The woman’s daughter and her two friends, apparently took a selfie photo and initially they had no idea that this ghostly little girl wanted her picture taken as well. When they got home, they looked through different photos from the night.

As you can imagine, to their surprise they discovered this ghostly little girl. They all got scared, so the initially deleted the photo being a rather religious family. While in a Skype call with her mother, the daughter decided to restore the photo to show her mom. The photo was most likely in the recycling bin of the computer and later restored.

Ghostly girl in photo

From what else is known, in this particular location a fatal car crash occurred. It is believed that this ghostly girl is the same girl who died in the car crash. She was killed instantly as a car hit her. The daughter and her friend believe that they incidentally captured this disturbed ghostly spirit with their camera.

Some of these photos were touched up, to brighten them—so the ghost can be seen more clearly. The original photos are darker by comparison as seen on the YouTube channel. It is interesting and the photograph already has people talking.

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