Nibiru predicted to hit Earth

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Our demise may be closer than we think. The doomsayers have spoken, such as Christian numerologist David Meade. Now, believed by a number of people, a large rogue planet was due to hit Earth on September 23rd of this year. However, the prediction may be off a bit. The new date is set for Sunday, November 19th, 2017.

Image: Nibiru hits Earth from The Bern Report

Image: Nibiru hits Earth from The Bern Report

While many conspiracy theorists are skeptical, a catastrophic disaster like this, would impact the planet in many negative ways. Human life as we know it, would more than likely be wiped out completely, by apocalyptic type earthquakes. These earthquakes, would later strike across the Earth. Think of the sheer size and scale of damage this would do, to everyone left alive if somehow they survived initially.

Known as planet Nibiru, this superstitious planet has been talked about for years. It would undoubtedly change the gravitational force of Earth and bring forth both hellfire and brimstone reigning down from everywhere. Nibiru has become a hypothesized planet, believed to exist within the outer edges of our solar system. This planet will converge with Earth, leaving not much left to the imagination.

From what is known, every 3,600 years a gravitational influence disrupts the orbits of other planets in our solar system. Believed to harness plasmatic energy particles, this disruptive force would create a flow of energy – that would disrupt Earth and cause severe climate changes to start happening.

We have all started to feel the effects according to some theorists. For example, earthquake lights were seen from the aftermath of Mexico’s 7.1 tremor back in September. These type of lights, are caused by electrical properties from certain types of rocks – after they grind against one another upon impact. The Planet X News website said:

“Planet X does seem to be stressing fault lines and, certainly, volcanoes, earthquakes and intense storms are up. Earthquakes around Indonesia, Gibraltar and Naples, Italy all have occurred recently. Planet X is definitely perturbing the sun and is also affecting Earth’s oceans, tectonics and overall electromagnetic field.”

Planet X news, also made mention about how the global elites have known about the approach of Nibiru and are already prepared for it. Many believe that underground bunkers have been established for both the rich and famous.

End of our world

These bunkers are believed to provide some kind of protection upon Nibiru’s impact, while the rest of us will left exposed to the elements. Some of these underground safety bunkers are located in Southwestern part of the United States. Both China and Russia have established bunkers as well, along with other countries. Only Russia has enough bunkers built, to house nearly all citizens living in Moscow and other nearby locations.

Many noises have been heard around the world lately and people have documented it with their phones. These noises are believed to be from underground drilling, explosions and more happening to build these safety bunkers. We can only imagine what the world might be like after all of this happens. Indeed, it will be a new world for those left to rebuild, control or destroy further.

Future world after Nibiru

(Source: Express and Fox News)

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