Unicorn spotted in the wild

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These majestic animals have been a part of mythology for many years and have even been apart of cinema. They are known as unicorns and appear as a normal horse, except they have a horn growing from the top of their forehead. They are believed to bring promise, good luck and even inspiration to those who happen by one of them.

The legendary animal which sports a spiraling horn from its forehead is a protector of the wilderness and guardian of nature and its surroundings.
Most unicorns are portrayed being white in appearance, but there have been other colors seen including a sandy brown color. These exceptional beasts are often shown in artist interpretations with other animals gathered around them, sometimes a rainbow is featured or a spring nearby.


Unicorns have also been mentioned as white goats other than being a horse in appearance. What purpose does this unique animal have? There has been lots of speculation about it. The horn is believed by some used as a weapon to protect itself and nature; by piecing anything around believed to be a threat to them or their nature allies.

Their horn is believed to be the source of their powers and as they age it grows stronger. Were people once able to tame these beasts just like a common horse and ride them into battle? These woodland creatures certainly have been showcased as symbols of of purity and grace. People have often pondered their existence and what they symbolically stand for.


Some also believe that unicorns could only be tamed by a virgin. Unicorns were also known to heal the sick and cleanse poisons with their magical essence (for example tainted waters). On the black market, people actually sold Narwhal e horns claiming they were unicorn horns. Unicorns are actually not found in Greek mythology, but by account in natural history.

The unicorns temperament is quite strong, the beast couldn’t control itself and often would be susceptible to the affection of a fair maiden. Her feminine soft spirit would ease the anxiety which this beast has for its surroundings. The unicorn would approach a seated damsel and fall asleep in her lap. Hunters of this beast would use this to their advantage and exploit it. This video below shows a supposed sighting of a unicorn captured on video it dates back several years ago.

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