Mystery Woman Rides To Cemetery, Pays With Old Currency Then Vanishes

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One rather unusual cab ride occurred recently in Malaysia. It was an experience one 37 year old cab driver named Ahsan Ismail would never forget. The mystery woman was initially offered a ride from the Samarahan Heart Center late at night. This particular medical facility serves an area with about 2.5 million people. The center is owned by the government and is more of a specialty type hospital. 

It was about midnight. Ahsan said when he reached the medical center, he noticed a woman there who was wearing a dark-colored baju kurung. She was waiting there patiently, he said. When he asked her where she wanted to go, she said to take her to the Pending Muslim cemetery. At first, Ahsan thought nothing of it and simply wondered if she was wanting to see it as a landmark of interest. 

“When I arrived at the pick-up location, I saw a woman dressed in a dark-colored baju kurung and tudung waiting there,” said the father of three.

Upon the ride there the lighting was poor and Ahsan simply glanced away from the woman’s face so she would remain more comfortable during the ride. She was in the back seat and there wasn’t much conversation if any that he recalls. However, one thing stood out during the ride and that was the sweetened scent or aroma that seemed to permeate from her way.

Young Woman Malaysia
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Of course many women use perfumes, this wasn’t anything unusual for Ahsan. He didn’t really think much else about it at the time. Upon reaching their journey the mystery woman didn’t say much of anything. 

Ahsan thought she may have fallen asleep. As he turned back to look at her, she was gone. The seat was empty, except for a few five sen coins and some ancient RM1 and RM2 notes, amounting to the fare of RM13.

Image: Ahsan Ismail / Facebook

It is assumed that he didn’t notice her getting out of the cab and she was nowhere to be found. After this moment, Ahsan decided to call one of his good friends explaining what had happened. He was kind of freaked out over the incident and didn’t return home until sometime after 1:00 AM. 

After this, he spoke with his wife and explained to her the rather bizarre ride. He turned to social media like Facebook to chronicle the encounter but since posting about it, the posts have been since erased. So, what exactly happened? Was this some kind of ghostly encounter? Or, perhaps something else entirely? No further news about the encounter has been mentioned yet. Maybe it was a ghostly ride after all. 

Source: Yahoo! and New Straits Times

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