Ouija Board found on porch told me when I would die

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A young girl said she woke up early one morning. This day started off differently than any other. The 16 year old teenager, said they went outside for an early morning smoke, but nearly tripped over a box laying at their front doorstep.

Ouija board nightmare

Curiously, they picked the box up and later took it inside. After shaking it a bit, they cut it open. Inside was an old Ouija Board (Weegie Board). This one was unlike any other she had ever seen. This board seemed used and old. It also seemed to have an unusual smell about it as well. The board seemed like it had been put away for quite some time…even having some dust caked on it.

At first, she thought this was some kind of weird prank being played by her friends. However, she wasn’t into these kinds of things and had no idea where the board actually came from. All of this, was a complete mystery to her. The package had no return address either. Flipping over the backside of the Ouija Board, revealed nothing either.

Ouija Board possession girl

As the evening approached, this girl was on her way out for a date. While putting on her makeup, she dropped her mirror. It shattered into pieces on the floor. She nearly stepped down on a piece of broken glass. However, when she picked up the pieces…she cut her hand dripping blood across the floor. After cleaning up, she still decided to go out on her date.

It seemed like this night, was going pretty weird for her after all. She returned along with her date and they began talking. The conversation got serious and she told them about the Ouija Board that she had found. Her date was puzzled by it all. Out of curiosity, they decided to try using the board.

When she asked a question that only she would have known, the answer freaked her out. She asked, what was the name of the song, her mother used to sing to her as a child. Using the board planchette, it hovered over the song…she was both shocked and stunned. Her mother was a huge Frank Sinatra fan, always humming and singing the song “Fly Me To The Moon”.

After all of this, things got more serious. She later asked, “When will she die?” The board responded, saying in a car accident. As she walked across the room, things felt very different. She went for a walk along with her date down the road. It was a dark night, and earlier it had been raining heavily.

As they both turned the corner, about a mile down the road..there were medics, police and even fire trucks everywhere. There had been a terrible accident, a head on collision with a large truck. As they looked over, the car looked very familiar. It was them inside of the car, their bodies were badly injured. It seems that this night was their very last.

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