Women Believe They Photographed An Angel

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A woman claims to have photographed an angel last year. The report was featured on WGN9 News, an independent Chicago television station. During this segment, she was interviewed and photographs were displayed. The entire video, was uploaded on the YouTube channel “It’s A Weird World”. It seems that this woman recorded this off of her phone.

The photo seen, is quite compelling…whatever this was, appears to be an angelic type of presence. The photo was taken inside of a church. This happened Friday at 2:40 in the late afternoon within Glenview. This area, is approximately 3 miles northwest from the Chicago city limits.

Maureen Kent angel sighting church Glenview Chicago

Initially, Maureen Kent went to her local chapel, to capture the Body of Christ on display with her phone. Her intentions were not to be disrespectful towards the church or towards The Lord. She claims to have snapped a simply picture and instead she captured an incredible moment. As seen in the photograph, what appears to be an angel…is seen leaning over the alter inside of the church.

Angel in church Glenview Chicago

While there inside the church at 2:40, she didn’t see anything with her own eyes. It seem that only through photography did she record this believed to be angel. Maureen claims this indeed was a miracle moment for her. The photo was not tampered with, this is the real deal.

Most incredibly, days later…another woman (who wished to remain anonymous) attempted to capture this alleged angel on camera. To her surprise, she was able to capture what appears to be the same angel, seen nearly in the same spot inside of the church.

Angels photographed in Glenview church Chicago

Both incidents are quite incredible. These apparitions to appear to be a sign from above. No one involved with the church, has set up anything such as a display of any kind. The pastor of the church, has been interested in authenticating these angelic images since they were taken.

Questions still remain about these photos. Speculations are, these are some kind of reflections of some kind. These unexplained visions, have since been left up to each person’s interpretation. The photographs, still remain mysterious and unsolved. Perhaps these were some kind of signs, from the Heavens above.

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